School transport is available to eligible students.

To avail of school transport a student must:

  • Live at least 4.8kms from the appropriate Post-Primary school, where the latter is the centre catering for the catchment area in which the student lives
  • Pay the appropriate term fee to Bus Eireann

Students who reside outside the Catchment Boundary please note:

A student is free to attend a school in a different Catchment Area, having regard to the school Admissions Policy, but is not eligible for transport to that school. S/he may be facilitated by Bus Eireann from the boundary of the catchment area provided there is room on the bus. The student must also reside at least 4.8kms from the school in his/her Catchment area to be eligible for transport from the Catchment Boundary. Such a student is classified as a “Catchment Boundary Student”.

The Catchment Boundary concession, where given, is for a particular year only. There is no guarantee that the facility will be available for subsequent years.

Applications for school transport should be made directly to Bus Eireann.