We at Coláiste Bhríde believe that our parents, our students and our staff play an intricate role in creating our positive school environment.

Our Parents

In Coláiste Bhríde the primary role of our parents as educators of their children is acknowledged. We are determined to achieve a good working relationship with parents, on an individual level as well as on a group level. We want parents to feel comfortable in coming to our school and we want to reassure them that all discussion is for the good of the student. Parents play a very important role in a student’s life. They have a very definite role to play in the areas of homework and motivation and we give them every help and encouragement in the fulfilment of that role.

Our Students

Students of Colaiste Bhride are encouraged to become active learners in an environment that promotes independent learning and collaboration. Our students are expected to facilitate the learning environment and the process of learning and teaching through attendance, active participation and an awareness of other learners. Our students are encouraged to develop positive working relationships with their peers and their teachers in order to promote the core values of courtesy, respect and responsibility.

Our Staff

Coláiste Bhríde attracts and retains high quality teaching and non-teaching staff across all teaching disciplines, administrative and caretaking duties, who will embrace and promote the vision, values and goals of our school. Our school puts great teachers together with great students and parents. Our teachers are highly motivated, committed and are always conscious of adapting the best of both traditional and modern teaching and assessment pedagogy.