In today’s society examination results have assumed great importance for the purpose of gaining entry to further education, apprenticeships and/or employment.

In Coláiste Bhríde excellence is our priority. To motivate students towards the highest possible goals the school has developed an awards system which recognises student achievement across the full range of student activity. Teachers are encouraged to expect only the highest possible standards of work and behaviour from their students and to engage in teaching that will challenge students to the fullest.

In Coláiste Bhríde all students are important and we expect all students to achieve to the fullest of their potential. Nothing less will satisfy us.

Talented Youth of Ireland

Students are encouraged from first year to participate in this national search for academic excellence. Coláiste Bhríde has hosted and has been successful in the scholastic aptitude tests which are criteria for entry into the highly academic summer programme held in Dublin City University.

Awards Day

The annual awards ceremony, held in May provides a very special occasion for our entire school to come together and celebrate all the achievements of individuals, classes and teams throughout the school year. Students receive formal acknowledgement of their endeavour.

Éacht Suntasach

In Coláiste Bhríde recognition and reward of student effort and responsibilities are important to us. Éacht Suntasach is an award system introduced in order to acknowledge student initiative and effort. It aims to create a sense of pride in students in relation to voluntary and personal commitment. It also endeavours to develop respect amongst all educational partners, students, staff and parents. Recipients of awards can be presented with Bronze, Silver or Gold Badges.

T.Y. Celebration

In May of each year Coláiste Bhríde hosts a celebration evening as our students complete Transition Year. This evening is a showcase for the families of each participant. It provides an opportunity to honour each student’s contribution to and involvement in this challenging and rewarding programme.

Leaving Certificate Graduation Celebration

The Graduation Celebration for 6th year students is held in May of each year. This impressive occasion is organised by the religion department and the Leaving Certificate students. It provides a final formal occasion of celebration for students, parents and teachers in the school environs.

Leaving Certificate Presentation Night

A feature of school life is the annual awards night in January organised by our Parents’ Association. It has provided a model for such ceremonies in other schools. A wonderful array of trophies and individual certificates are presented to Leaving Certificate students. It is a unique occasion when students, joined by their parents and teachers, come together in celebration having completed their second level education.