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Coláiste Bhríde, Carnew was established in 1936 to fulfil, support and meet the educational needs of its surrounding environs.

Coláiste Bhríde strives to promote the educational requirements of the community it serves. In so doing, it recognizes the contribution of students, parents, staff of the school, statutory bodies and the wider community. Coláiste Bhríde believes that its aims are best achieved in a caring, disciplined and respectful environment. It recognizes the individual rights and responsibilities of the school community. It encourages commitment and shared responsibility working towards the achievement of full potential and the common good.

The Mission Statement of Coláiste Bhríde encompasses the pursuit of excellence in all areas of endeavour and the maintenance of an affirmative climate of learning where the individual is enabled to develop and fulfil her/his unique potential. Coláiste Bhríde subscribes to and conforms with all policies of Kildare Wicklow Education and Training Board.

School Policies

Policies available to download

  1. Admissions Policy
  2. Anti-bullying Policy 2020
  3. Attendance / Participation Policy
  4. Behaviour Policy
  5. Care Team Policy
  6. Child Safeguarding Statement 2020
  7. Child Safety Checklist 2020
  8. Child Protection Policy Guidelines
  9. Code of Behaviour
  10. KWETB Data Protection Policy
  11. Healthy Eating Policy
  12. Homework and Study Policy
  13. iPad Acceptable Usage Policy 2020
  14. ICT Acceptable Usage Policy 2020
  15. CCTV Policy
  16. Transition from Primary to Post Primary School
  17. Positive Discipline Eacht Suntasach Award System
  18. RSE Policy
  19. Special Education Needs Policy 2020
  20. School Tours Policy
  21. Maintaining Professional Relationships with our Educational Partners
  22. Development Education Policy
  23. Inclusion Support Assistant Policy
  24. Care Team Policy
  25. Critical Incident Policy
  26. Whole School Inclusion Policy

Policies not available for download on our website are available from the school.

  1. Guideline Suicide Prevention
  2. Critical Incident Policy (Under Review 2018-2019)
  3. Assessment Policy (Under Review 2018-2019)
  4. Locker Usage Guidelines
  5. Modern Foreign Language Policy
  6. Safety Health & Welfare Policy
  7. School Prefect Policy
  8. SPHE Policy
  9. Student Council Policy
  10. School Tours Policy
  11. ETB & General Statement


Custom & Practice Statements

Coláiste Bhríde Custom & Practice Statements will be available for download on our website shortly.