Junior Cert & Leaving Cert Examination Fees 2016

The fees for entry to the 2016 Certificate Examinations payable by candidates who are recognised pupils in secondary schools are as follows:
Leaving Certificate (including Leaving Certificate Applied) €116
Junior Certificate €109

Waiver of Examination Fees for Medical Card Holders
Candidates who hold a full medical card or who are dependent on a parent or guardian who holds a full medical card are not liable for examination fees. Medical cards will be accepted only if valid on the date completed forms must be returned.
N.B. Holders or dependents of holders, of G.P. Visit Cards are not eligible for exemption from examination fees.
An individual pre-printed form will be provided for each candidate entered for the examinations. The purpose of this form is to pay for examination fees or to seek an exemption from examination fees in the case of Medical Card Holders.
When the forms have been stamped by a bank, or completed with medical card details in the case of those covered by the medical card exemption, they should be returned to the school for transmission to the State Examinations Commission.
Consequences for Candidates of Non Payment of Examination Fees
Failure to pay examination fees may have serious consequences for candidates and could result in the following sanctions;
• Refusal of admission to the Certificate Examination
• Withholding of examination results
• Withholding of the actual Examination Certificate
• Withholding of results from the CAO