Congratulations to all involved in 3 very successful nights performing High School Musical

“It truly was a life changing experience, and one I will never ever ever forget, thanks to all these amazing people.” Josh McGrath (Zeke)

“It was the start of something new, auditions held back in March and we started rehearsing in September. High School Musical has thoroughly been the greatest experience of my school life. Having given everything to this cause for the last 4 months, we all have a heavy heart leaving this shared experience behind us. Even with differences we all grew to become great friends with one another!” Robbie Brooks (Chad)

“High School Musical has been the highlight of my whole school experience. Unbreakable bonds were made. I learned so many new things and I know I’ll carry the experience with me out of school and into the future. I will always highly recommend it to any upcoming students as it’s honestly so beneficial in many ways. I’ve become so close to fellow students and also, teachers. It has brought out the best in me and I’ll cherish the amazing memories and friendships made forever.” Jenny Larkin (Taylor)